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Lerwick (LK) Registered Fishing Boats

LK52 Renown IV (Peterhead Harbour 2005).
LK53 (Whitehills Harbour 2006).
LK57 Alison Kay (Peterhead Harbour 2006).
LK62 Research (Peterhead Harbour 2006).
LK70 Contest (Fraserburgh Harbour 2006).
LK71 Radiant Star (Fraserburgh Harbour 2005).
LK172 Arnborg (Macduff Harbour 2005).
LK195 Resilient (Peterhead Harbour 2006).
LK272 Guardian Angell (Fraserburgh Harbour 2006).
LK325 Comrades (Macduff Harbour 2006).
LK337 Marantha (Peterhead Harbour 2005).
LK425 Adele (Macduff Harbour 2006).
LK641 Venture (Fraserburgh Harbour 2006).
LK985 Copious (Macduff Slip 2004).

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